Frequently Asked Questions

A Cheerbox is a customized wellness care package.
The Cheerbox is for anyone who has experienced a negative or positive life event; whether its having a baby, loss of a loved one, appreciation, illness, loss of a long time pet, new parent, emotional trauma, caregiver stress, divorce, or change of location. And yes, we make Cheerboxes for happy life moments too!
Inside each Cheerbox are happiness tools to encourage healing, laughter and gratitude. Happiness tools are games, motivation books, healing guides, inspired content, wellness and stress relief products.
The effects of optimism are real. A more positive outlook has been shown to promote better coping skills, reduce depression, and improve overall physical health. That is why our staple happiness tool is our Notebook of Positive Aspects, which allows recipients to naturally ease their current anxieties through journaling, no matter what his or her current circumstances are.
Our Happiness experts curate each Cheerbox (care package) for you. They help you take the guesswork of sending meaningful gifts. The specific wellness products/gifts in the Cheerbox are sourced from our network of approved holistic merchants. Our experienced curation team of specialists select wellness items based on the details you provided regarding the recipients life event.
All items (or branded items) you wish to add to Cheerbox are subject to approval. You may send us an email to to let us know what it is you want to add.
Because each Cheerbox is customized to order, please allow up to 1-3 business days from time of order to delivery.
The recipient will receive a unique ID that will allow he or she to view sender information online.
All recipient details will never be shared or shown to the recipient for any reason.
Sender has the option to remain anonymous so your secret is safe with us;)
You can always log back in to complete order once you have information by clicking “Login”. Or check your email inbox for direct link to cart to edit and complete order.
$59.00 USD per Cheerbox. Additional pricing options available for special product requests.
Yes, next day shipping is available.
You may have a Cheerbox sent to yourself and hand deliver to recipient.
Click on "Received a Cheerbox?" on home page to find or who sent Cheerbox or leave feedback or send a thank you to sender.
Yep! We do those all the time:) Email us at with your contact information, deadline, and any specialty requests.
Yes. Contact us at

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