The Easiest Way to Create a Successful Employee Engagement Program.

Whether you need to celebrate an employee milestone or offer support during a time of need, our custom care packages say what words alone can’t.

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Cheerbox Dashboard

Leading businesses send Cheerboxes for:

SAP Concur sends cheerboxes to their employees to show appreciation.

When Misty, a team member, workload doubled, Angie sent a Cheerbox to show her that she is valued.

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"This is FANTASTIC – thank you! It’s like you read my mind for that thoughtful note :)"

How it Works

Request a Care Package

Fill out our 30-second Cheerbox request form with some basic info about the occasion for your care package.

Talk to an Expert

One of our Happiness Experts will reach out to learn more about you and your Cheerbox recipient.

We Curate and Send Your Package

Our experts create and ship a one-of-a-kind box specifically for your recipient.

We Help People Teams Create a Caring Workplace Culture.

Improve Retention

More so than salary employee recognition is the Number One reason why employees decided to stay with a company. And too often employees decide to exit a company during time of leave, illness, or while working remote. We help your People Team keep engagement high and personalized even in large/hyper growth employee populations.

Increase Engagement

Create deeper connections with team members through recognition with Cheerbox. Improve culture by recognizing not only work milestones but also significant life moments where team members may need extra support.

Measure Impact

Use the Cheerbox dashboard to gain more visibility on employee life events, the emotional health of your growing or large employee population, and performance growth. Our technology measures the impact of using positive motivators to encourage development.

Onboard Like a Boss

Onboard new team members like family; and not like a number. A simple yet caring onboarding strategy can make a lasting impression on an employee work journey within your organization.

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Treat your work family like family.

Talk to a Happiness Expert today and get started with your first Cheerbox.

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