Show your team you care with thoughtful, curated gifts

Whether you need to celebrate an employee milestone or comfort someone during a time of need, our custom care packages say what words alone can’t.

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Leading businesses send Cheerboxes for:

Illness & Injury
New Parents
Employee Appreciation

SAP Concur sends cheerboxes to their employees to show appreciation.

When Misty, a team member, workload doubled, Angie sent a Cheerbox to show her that she is valued.

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More than just a gift basket.

Unlike most corporate gifts, Cheerboxes are customized for each recipient to create a more personal, lasting gift.

Gift baskets are bland and uninspiring.
Flowers die in a week and are forgotten just as easily.
Picking a custom gift is time-consuming and emotionally taxing.

How it Works

Request a Care Package

Fill out our 30-second Cheerbox request form with some basic info about the occasion for your care package.

Talk to an Expert

One of our Happiness Experts will reach out to learn more about you and your Cheerbox recipient.

We Curate and Send Your Package

Our experts create and ship a one-of-a-kind box specifically for your recipient.

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Cheerbox is the easiest way to create a personalized gifting experience


Our Happiness Experts work to curate Cheerboxes that are based on the recipients life event, likes, and interests so you can give the recipient an delightful Cheerbox experience.

Wellness Gifts

Inside each Cheerbox are happiness tools to encourage healing, laughter, relaxation and gratitude. Happiness tools are games, motivation books, healing guides, inspired content, wellness and stress relief products.

Personalized Note

Inside every Cheerbox is a thoughtful handwritten note to make the recipient feel inspired, encouraged, laugh out loud or cry tears of joy. It's a small gesture that makes a big and lasting impact.


Healthy and super tasty snacks are sourced from our network of approved holistic merchants all across the United States.

Treat your work family like family.

Talk to a Happiness Expert today and get started with your first Cheerbox.

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